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Areas of Intervention



Collaborate with Health service providers to make available and accessible healthcare to persons with disabilities. Initiate or join mainstream campaigns to promote the prevention of health hazards and disabilities.”


  • Initiate or collaborate with stakeholders to ensure the respect of the educational rights and needs of children with disabilities.
  • Sensitize and motivate parents to educate children with disabilities.
  • Promote non-formal education and adult literacy. 
  • Provide information technology, education and assistive devices.”


  • Initiate or refer persons with disabilities to vocational training centers.
  • Provide skill development on craft and business management. 
  • Facilitate the access to savings and loans. 
  • Promote accessibility as a holistic approach to employment.”

Social Activities

  • Provide counseling on marriages, self-esteem relationships and family sustainability.
  • Advocate and promote the participation of persons with disabilities in cultural leisure and sporting activities.
  • Advocate and promote the rights of children with disabilities 
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to promote human rights, gender equality and justice  “


  • Initiate and promote sustainable income generating activities for OPDs. 
  • Initiate and promote cooperatives in the domains of agriculture and craft.  
  • Build Capacities of Persons with Disabilities in Right-Based Approaches by availing them with legal instruments available to protect and promote the rights of Persons with Disabilities.”