Training on Eyecare

Leaders of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in 7 Divisions of CUAPWD, in the North West region, were tranined with knowledge and skills in Good Eye Health practices, prevention of COVID-19, and community sensitizations and mobilization. This happened was on May 25th 2022 at Baptist Centre Nkwen for Momo, Mezam, Menchum, Ngoketunjia, and Boyo and May 27th 2022 at Banso Baptist Hospital for Bui and Donga Mantung divisions.

The key presentations focused on protecting ones eyes, so as to reduce the odds of blindness and vision loss while staying on top of any developing eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

During the workshop, the leaders came up with ways they will use in order to sensitize and mobilize their various communities on issues around Eye-care and COVID-19

The OPD Leaders are expected to carry on the knowledge and skills acquired to their communities, to mobilize persons with disabilities to actively participate with health care providers so as to promote inclusion.

One’s eyesight is one of the most important senses: 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. By protecting your eyes, you will reduce the odds of blindness and vision loss while also staying on top of any developing eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

You can think of regular visits to the eye doctor as “preventative maintenance” for the rest of your body. The eyes are the windows to the body. They are the only place where your blood vessels can be viewed in their natural state without a surgical procedure. With this visual inspection of the blood supply, optometrists can spot many health conditions and vision problems just by taking a glance into your eyes.

In one quick eye exam in can spot diseases such as:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • Brain tumors
  • Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Various blood diseases

Healthy brain function needs healthy eyesight. The brain is our most vital organ, allowing us to live complex lives. Considering that your optic nerve connects your eyes and your brain, a healthy co-dependent relationship is necessary. By keeping your eyes healthy, you keep your brain healthy improving your overall quality of life