General Assembly

CUAPWD’s General Assembly held from February 2nd, with the goal of presentation and appraisal of the Activity reports and Financial Statements of the 2021 calendar year and to also have a critical analysis of the 2022 Plan of Action and Budget.

In her welcome address, the Board Chair saluted the efforts of OPD Leaders, Service providers, the Ministry of Social Affairs and other stakeholders, in supporting the growth and functioning of CUAPWD from grassroots to the regional level. She further  encouraged the community authorities, the civil society and the state, to include and work with Persons with Disabilities as they  possess telling potentials. She equally used this occasion to appreciate the steadfastness of OPD Leaders in fostering better quality of life of their peers even in this very difficult moment, where the socio-political crisis and the COVID-19 has brought persons with disabilities on their knees. Yet, “our motto is NOTHING WITHOUT US”, she said; “we must take our actions even more serious than ever before”.

While officially opening this grand annual event, the Regional Delegate of Social affairs appreciated the work CUAPWD and her partners have done in the field of disability inclusion within the region and beyond and called on CUAPWD to carry on with the good work of advocating for the rights and inclusion of the over 200,000persons with disabilities in all development and humanitarian initiatives across the board.

The General Coordinator of CUAPWD also called on the respect of the rights of Persons with Disabilities and ear marked the area of advocacy to be one of many areas of intervention during the 2022 planned activities of CUAPWD.

This event  presented an opportunity to launch CUAPWD’s accessible and dynamic website that was initiated and supported through the efforts and collaboration with the PIRL Project and CBC Health Services.

General Assembly delegates from all 7 Divisions of the North West region made critical appraisal of the activity and financial report, presented by  Central Coordination and this was adopted with a lot of applause. Also, the planned activities and budget for 2022 were adopted following a series of modifications in the activities and budget. The General Assembly ended with availing all delegates present with key strategic documents of the organization, such as but not limited to:

  1. The five year strategic plan
  2. Advocacy strategy
  3. The Administrative policy and procedures
  4. The Safeguarding policy
  5. The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy and,
  6. The Communication strategy.

General Assembly delegates were equally drilled on action plan development, record keeping and systematic reporting.

All the plans and successes of the General Assembly were made possible by the Board of CUAPWD whose 5th Ordinary session preceded this General Assembly.  In attendance were  the Board members of CUAPWD, the  the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs and the Regional Chief of Persons with Disabilities and the Aged, as Ex-officio members to the board